Real-Time Viewer

Monitor Workflows and Alerts to Better Manage Your Time

Two different web based portals allow you to track documents in your workflow and view triggered alerts. These viewers are typically displayed on a monitor or projected on a wall to help your staff better manage their time and be aware of high volume of new documents.  Both viewers can be customized with predefined themes and desired content.
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Key Benefits

The Real-Time Status Viewer gives an overview of where documents are within the current workflow. It monitors up to seven different search folders by showing the number of documents in each folder using a histogram format. At a glance, your staff can determine what areas of the workflow need attention allowing them to better manage their time. While the initial intent of this feature was to allow the pharmacy to make an impact on potential customers, it quickly becomes indispensable in day-to-day operations.

DocuTrack eRx - Real-Time Viewer
DocuTrack ERx Real-Time Viewer Alerts

The Real-Time Alert Viewer displays the currently triggered alerts within your DocuTrack system. Alerts can be created to monitor every aspect of your workflow as well as the conditions of your DocuTrack server. For example, you can set up an alert to monitor STAT orders that have not been processed in a specified amount of time. Alerts can be hidden from the Real-Time Alert Viewer allowing granular control over what is displayed to your staff.

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Features & Benefits

  • Monitor system alerts
  • Track system workflow
  • Web based
  • Finish orders in time
  • Graphical display of alerts

  • Complete workflow visibility

Other Software Extensions

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