Your Directives
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Our pharmacy software solutions are purpose-built. We provide the most functional and intuitive software products on the market for long-term care, institutional, and closed-door pharmacies.

As a genuine partner with a consultative approach, we invest in technology and services to provide a truly integrated suite of software solutions and great customer service. Let Integra help you realize your full potential in a challenging market.

More than a software provider, Integra is a partner in our clients’ successes and future.

Our Solutions

Realize Your Potential

The Integra Suite provides its clients with everything they need to realize their full potential — allowing them to be more competitive, generate more profits, and most importantly serve their patients better!

Potential of Blue
MHA Biz Summit

MHA Buisiness Summit

March 25 - March 27

Anacortes, WA

Join us in creating the best institutional pharmacy software solutions possible. We are looking for exceptional talent to contribute to our culture of encouragement and learning, such as aptitude and attitude.

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iQ Conference 2020
Smarter Together
Louisville, KY | May 12-15, 2020

The iQ Conference is a brand-new event built on the strong foundation of both the QS/1® and Integra® Annual Conferences. These combined strengths provide “one-roof” access to all important pharmacy technologies, as well as a wealth of educational and networking opportunities.

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