The Integra Story

Mindful Design and Thoughtful Service Show We Care.

In 1997, the initial creators at Integra who had backgrounds in closed-door pharmacy and acute and long-term care solutions, drew on their collective experiences to develop a product that eliminated the need for paper records in the pharmacy. Then, our industry-leading company expanded by developing an entire suite of solutions to meet and advance the operational and financial goals of our clients.

The Integra mission is to ensure our clients’ voices are heard when making product-related decisions. As an innovative industry leader, we offer the most comprehensive, intuitive, and scalable software solutions to help our clients efficiently manage their pharmacy and effectively service their customers. Our solutions are purposely built and mindfully designed. As a genuine partner, we invest in technology and take a consultative approach to provide a combination of integrated software solutions and top-notch customer service.

Integra is part of RedSail Technologies, which also includes PioneerRx®, PowerLine, TransactRx®, and QS/1®. Headquartered in Spartanburg, SC, RedSail Technologies focuses specifically in the areas of healthcare and technology.