About Integra

Long-Term Care Pharmacy Software Company

Integra sees pharmacists as partners, and we work to help them solve problems, challenge convention, and build a better future. Our initial creators had backgrounds in closed-door pharmacy and acute and LTC pharmacy solutions. They drew on their collective experiences to develop a game-changing new product – one that eliminated the need for paper records in the pharmacy.

From that start in 1997, when our company was smaller and connections with clients felt like family, Integra and its customers grew and moved forward together. An expanding suite of long-term care pharmacy software successfully advanced the goals of institutional pharmacies nationwide.

With the launch of Axys, the industry’s first cloud-based pharmacy software, Integra again proves itself a forward-thinking, best-in-class innovator – whose pharmacy partners can still expect an always brighter future.

Integra is part of RedSail Technologies®.

RedSail Brands

With 10,000 pharmacies reaching 8 million+ patients monthly, RedSail Technologies is the parent company of five brands – PioneerRx®, Integra, PowerLine®, TransactRx®, and QS/1® – that span healthcare market segments. The brands collectively provide expertise in pharmacy management, patient engagement, cross-benefit billing, and transaction services. These software and data solutions help pharmacists and strategic partners nurture healthier communities.