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Real-Time LTC Pharmacy Analytics Software With Mevesi

What do you know about your LTC Pharmacy’s data?

Your data can be confusing. We get it. It’s like a giant bucket of information without any parameters. Imagine what you could do with your various data sets, from accounting,  Rx, With Mevesi BI, you can gain a clear understanding of your long-term care pharmacies, workloads, operations, billing, finance, and workflows. With this data measured and displayed exactly how you want to see it, your pharmacy will be able to identify and understand what is happening in real-time. This allows you to identify growth opportunities immediately and problems before they become one.

Take a moment and see if Mevesi can be of service to your LTC pharmacy. Think of all the opportunities for new lines of revenue and improved productivity that could be had with real-time scorecards and dashboards tracking all of your most important pharmacy tasks. Prior authorizations, RTS, document workflow, billing, and any other piece of your pharmacy that you know you can improve. It never hurts to listen!

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2018 Integra Conference – So Many Classes, So Much Learning

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Don’t miss the chance to get up-to-date on integration between your pharmacy system and our products. Learn to edit, troubleshoot, and enhance data flow; full understanding lets you capitalize on your investments.

Let us overwhelm you with new ideas (in a good way) and arm you with knowledge, plus you just might have some fun in Denver. “Let loose. Have fun. Be social!” Join us for a Denver-themed Welcome Reception, Wacky Bowling at Lucky Strike, and sample our signature drink “The Hiker” at Happy Hour on the Hilton Plaza in the eclectic high-energy Mile High City. 

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Secure Messaging & Patient Data

Secure messaging over phone and tablet

With the expansion of the home infusion and alternative site care markets, the need for secure messaging and protecting patient data is more important than ever.


With the multitude of choices expanding into patient care, protecting your pharmacy and your patients’ privacy and data is more important than ever. Learn more about what you can do to protect the integrity of your business with this great article courtesy of Specialty Pharmacy Times:

Learn How to Protect Your Pharmacy

Integra Secure Messaging is your front line protection for secure communication and data transport. Learn more about how we can help you ensure protection for your pharmacy and your clients.

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J M Smith Corporation Announces Leadership Team Changes

Saul Factor, RPh named President, Smith Drug Company and Burlington Drug Company;
Kevin Welch named President, Integra LTC Solution, LLC and QS/1

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – February 26, 2018 – J M Smith Corporation has announced that its leading innovative technology solutions will now be under the leadership of Kevin Welch. Saul Factor, RPh, who was the President of QS/1, will lead the wholesale distribution business units Smith Drug Company and Burlington Drug Company.

“The decision to align our technology offerings under one leader was made to further enhance our customer focus. Kevin is a highly respected technology leader with a passion for moving pharmacy forward. Under his guidance, QS/1 and Integra customers can expect a commitment to technology excellence and responsiveness,” said Alan Turfe, CEO and Chairman, J M Smith Corporation. “During his time as President of QS/1, Saul led with transparency and a contagious drive to advance customer centricity and business excellence. I am looking forward to what Kevin and Saul will accomplish for our customers in their new roles.

“I am excited by this tremendous opportunity,” said Welch. “Aligning all our technology offerings benefits the customers in all of the markets we serve. We will continue to have dedicated teams for each of these markets – long term care, community pharmacy and governmental, while sharing best practices across all of them.”

Welch was named Chief Technology Officer for J M Smith Corporation in 2017. In the CTO role, he oversees the development of innovative technology, streamlining the process of bringing pharmacy solutions to market. Welch became part of J M Smith Corporation with the acquisition of Integra, which he founded in 1997. He holds degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, Operations Research and Engineering Management from Stanford University and has served in senior positions at Genentech, Symantec and Microsoft. During his career he has designed and developed many industry leading software applications and systems.

“There is perhaps no one in the industry better prepared to lead Smith Drug Company than Saul Factor,” said Turfe. “Saul is a pharmacist with experience in every facet of the industry, from patient care to manufacturing and distribution to sales and marketing.”

“The pharmacy industry is very dynamic and we at Smith Drug Company and Burlington Drug Company are committed to being at the forefront with innovative solutions, leading distribution processes and customer-centric service,” said Factor. “It is important to provide customers with what they need now while also working to address their future needs. I am thrilled to be leading Smith Drug and Burlington Drug with our renowned customer service and I am looking forward to partnering with customers to deliver on the promise of the pharmacy of the future.”

Factor spent the first ten years of his career as both a retail and long term care pharmacist before moving into leadership positions with PCS, Eli Lilly and RxAmerica. Prior to joining J M Smith Corporation, he was President, Global Sourcing and Generics at McKesson Corporation. A native of New York, Factor earned a BS in pharmacy from Northeastern University in Boston and an MBA from University of New Haven.

ABOUT J M SMITH CORPORATION                                   

 J M Smith Corporation, headquartered in Spartanburg, is South Carolina’s third-largest privately owned company. Today, the corporation is focused in the areas of health care and technology, and operates through multiple business units, including Smith Drug Company, QS/1, Integral Solutions Group, RxMedic Systems, Integra LTC Solutions and Burlington Drug Company. For more information, visit

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Louie Foster Attends ASAP and Shares Automation Ideas and Latest LTC Trends

Louie Foster, Integra’s Executive Director of Product Management, last week attended the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) 2018 Annual Conference, in Naples, FL. The focus this year was how technology can be applied to the world of pharmacy.

Conferences like ASAP are extremely valuable to the Integra team providing education on developing pharmaceutical trends and issues and insight into innovative integration methods. Louie found the show extremely valuable and gave us some insight into his experience at ASAP.

“As always, Doug Long’s presentation on pharmacy trends was very eye-opening. I specifically liked the presentations this year because they brought light to finding alternative revenue streams for community pharmacies, information on value-based payments in today’s healthcare market, and legislative updates.  Of specific interest was how to build software that enables pharmacies to add revenue such as reporting, use of new technologies like DIRECT and FHIR. It also gave me a good idea of the current legislative climate an how that will affect pharmacies allowing us to come up with solutions that enable them to succeed.

The ASAP Conference is always very beneficial because the presentations are ‘bite-sized’ and stick to key points and issues. Connecting with other technology providers also allows us to discuss where the market is at, and what could make it better. In short, it allows us to connect and dream and those dreams are the foundations for providing tomorrow’s solutions.”

If you want to learn how process automation can help your pharmacy be more productive and profitable, schedule a Logix demo today!

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Pharmacist Appreciation Day

Happy Pharmacist Appreciation Day! To all the pharmacists out there, a sincere thank you for everything you do for your patients. In order to help us celebrate the positive impact pharmacists have in their communities, one of our customers, Beverly Masiello, kindly agreed to share her story of becoming a pharmacist.

“I became a pharmacist because the most influential person in my life, my dad, suggested it to me as the perfect career choice for a woman inclined to continue her studies in the field of science. As a high school student, my dad worked in a local pharmacy and always looked up to the pharmacists he worked with. One of the pharmacists was a woman named Dotty who was raising two young children alone, as her husband had passed away young. My dad impressed upon me that her career path enabled Dotty to care for and support her children while helping others.”

~Beverly Masiello, RPh., Registered Pharmacist in Charge – Geriscript Pharmacy


Pharmacist Appreciation – Evelyn Beach, RPh.

Why I became a Pharmacist?

I always wanted to go into research and I was completing my chemistry degree.  I also wanted go the distant and get my doctor’s degree. My father being a realistic told me to go for a career that paid well and that had a great future.  So, I selected a Pharmacy degree as a means to further my goals of working in research and development.  At the same time, I was making my father happy.

What do I like best about being a Pharmacist?

When I started my first job; I did not like being a Pharmacist.  However, it did not take very long to realize that Pharmacy had chosen me.  I loved being part of a multi-disciplinary team and making a difference in patient care.  Our team thrived in this patient care; this dynamic was contagious to all of us in the team.  I loved the dynamics of working together with one goal: taking care of our patients. It was very rewarding to communicate with our patients and see them when they were discharged.

What do I like best about my job?

When I stated my career in LTC Pharmacy; it taught me that it was so much more to being a Pharmacist.  Yes, it was dispensing medication to our residents but it was also so much more. It was a much larger multi-dynamic and multi-customers environment.  I love the dynamic of the LTC Pharmacy; it can be crazy busy and to an outsider it will seem like it is pandemonium however not to us. It is like this every day.  I love the satisfaction of accomplishing our daily goals and at the same time help that one nurse that called so angry and frustrated and by the end of the call; she said “thank you”.  (Finally, it is a place where my OCD is accepted. J)

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