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    Find yourself grappling with prior authorization (PA) challenges? Let’s dive into how PA really impacts you and your patients, the price control forces behind it, and how provider backlash is inspiring regulatory reform.

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Bi-weekly blog posts in pursuit of breakthrough insights on pharmacy news and how to navigate the expansive ways institutional pharmacy is serving patients.

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Listen in as experts and thought leaders explore the latest long-term care news – engaging in conversations about policy, technology, pharmacy operations, and growth that are transforming the industry.

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Miriam Cho, PharmD, President/CPO of MAC Rx, joins us for an inspiring conversation about pharmacy automation and how an automation strategy can enable operational growth, support staff, and provide better care for patients. Spoiler alert: You have to name the robots! 

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Frances Nahas
Chief Strategy Officer – RedSail Technologies

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Vice President, Institutional Sales – Integra 

Miriam Cho, PharmD
President/CPO, MAC Rx

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