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    If someone asked you to describe your market, how would you respond? Maybe something like, "We provide pharmaceutical care for the elderly who reside in an institutional setting." But LTC pharmacies and their consultant pharmacists are experts at managing complex drug regimens, and this could apply to a 35-year-old as easily as a 75-year-old. With the pressures of the current market landscape, have you considered expanding your mission?


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  • Site-Neutral Payments and Medicare
    Categories: Policy
  • Learning How to Bend, Not Break – Resilience Among Pharmacists
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Listen in as experts and thought leaders engage in conversations about policy, technology, pharmacy operations, and growth that can transform long-term care pharmacy.

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Mindy Ferris, RPh, EVP, Operations & Customer Success, and Michael Gerdes, RPh, CCP, Director of Clinical Systems, both at PharmScript, LLC, join our hosts for a candid conversation about long-term care pharmacy growth, transition of care, technology, and how the commitment to caring for people remains key.

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Frances Nahas
Chief Strategy Officer – RedSail Technologies

Jim McDonald
Vice President, Institutional Sales – Integra 

Mindy Ferris, RPh
EVP, Operations & Customer Success, PharmScript, LLC

Michael Gerdes, RPh, CCP
Director of Clinical Systems, PharmScript, LLC

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