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Pharmacy automation is an exciting and innovative tool that can help pharmacies manage growth and demand in the industry. Miriam Cho, PharmD, President/CPO of MAC Rx, joined our podcast and shared her positive experiences with implementing automation in three different pharmacy locations. From her valuable insights, we’ve compiled a list of five crucial factors to help you effectively execute pharmacy automation.

  1. Assess Your Needs and Goals: Take the time to assess your pharmacy’s unique needs and goals beforehand. Identify specific areas where automation can improve efficiency and streamline processes. Set clear objectives.
  1. Determine Which Items to Automate: Streamline processes by isolating tasks that can go through automation and focus on the most dispensed brands and generics and medications that must be packed by hand.
  1. Evaluate ROI: Determine your return on investment for automation and assess how it varies depending on the pharmacy’s distinctive factors. Be sure to consider cost, availability, and lead time.
  1. Communicate Clearly with Employees: Communicate the purpose and advantages of automation in a clear and concise manner. Make sure employees understand that their jobs are not in jeopardy and that automation can free them up to focus on more clinical work.
  1. Evaluate and Provide Feedback: After implementing automation, conduct a comprehensive analysis to examine whether set objectives were achieved. Offer constructive feedback to vendors and partners to incite procedural changes and improvements.

Want to learn more? Tune in to the full conversation below or find us on your favorite podcast platform; search for the Integra X Files.

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