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Cloud technology has been ubiquitous for some time now, and its usefulness to long-term care pharmacy can provide optimum benefits – driving greater efficiency, business continuity, and doing so more quickly, accurately, and securely.

Our own Bob Bates, COO of RedSail Technologies and president of Integra and QS/1, sat down with us on the Integra X Files for podcast Episode 5 and shared why cloud computing should be an integral part of a long-term care operation and what Integra is doing to help their customers maximize this technology.

Jump in at these highlights or tune in to the full conversation below:

Performance | 13:03

“If you look at performance, if you have a singular system out at a site, first of all, you’re going to have hardware failures. It’s not – it’s not an if, it’s a when. Do you have another server waiting, A, and B, they have physical limitations.”

Approach | 16:28

“A lot of people have tried, and they failed and, they failed in their approach. And what we’ve seen… and I’ve seen it not just here, but in other places and in industry, basically in healthcare, is the failure to marry business intelligence and design – from that perspective – with technology and do it together.”

Security | 22:56

“The one thing I would be really worried about right now is security. So, if you don’t have security experts and you don’t have security by design and security tested and your releases, and you don’t have an architecture that supports that, that… would scare the daylights outta me right now.”

Support | 26:39

“When you call in the support and you have one software release out there. I don’t know – the training process for us to get everybody good at that, ‘Hey, I know what you’re going through,’ or ‘I saw the same thing with another customer,’ – it will differ if you have different releases out there. So those are soft things, but they’re really hard things that matter in customer [satisfaction] and quality.”

Access | 37:00

“You can take your PC and you can log in with a browser at home. If the company allows you to do that, then you can do that for your facility especially. And that enables things like, they call that true business continuity planning. That’s how you can get business continuity planning, and candidly, a lot of workers want to work from home now. And you can start to enable some of that, which is great.”

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Written by: Integra X Files

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