What do you know about your LTC Pharmacy’s data?

Your data can be confusing. We get it. It’s like a giant bucket of information without any parameters. Imagine what you could do with your various data sets, from accounting,  Rx, With Mevesi BI, you can gain a clear understanding of your long-term care pharmacies, workloads, operations, billing, finance, and workflows. With this data measured and displayed exactly how you want to see it, your pharmacy will be able to identify and understand what is happening in real-time. This allows you to identify growth opportunities immediately and problems before they become one.

Take a moment and see if Mevesi can be of service to your LTC pharmacy. Think of all the opportunities for new lines of revenue and improved productivity that could be had with real-time scorecards and dashboards tracking all of your most important pharmacy tasks. Prior authorizations, RTS, document workflow, billing, and any other piece of your pharmacy that you know you can improve. It never hurts to listen!