Louie Foster, Integra’s Executive Director of Product Management, last week attended the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) 2018 Annual Conference, in Naples, FL. The focus this year was how technology can be applied to the world of pharmacy.

Conferences like ASAP are extremely valuable to the Integra team providing education on developing pharmaceutical trends and issues and insight into innovative integration methods. Louie found the show extremely valuable and gave us some insight into his experience at ASAP.

“As always, Doug Long’s presentation on pharmacy trends was very eye-opening. I specifically liked the presentations this year because they brought light to finding alternative revenue streams for community pharmacies, information on value-based payments in today’s healthcare market, and legislative updates.  Of specific interest was how to build software that enables pharmacies to add revenue such as reporting, use of new technologies like DIRECT and FHIR. It also gave me a good idea of the current legislative climate an how that will affect pharmacies allowing us to come up with solutions that enable them to succeed.

The ASAP Conference is always very beneficial because the presentations are ‘bite-sized’ and stick to key points and issues. Connecting with other technology providers also allows us to discuss where the market is at, and what could make it better. In short, it allows us to connect and dream and those dreams are the foundations for providing tomorrow’s solutions.”

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