Why I became a Pharmacist?

I always wanted to go into research and I was completing my chemistry degree.  I also wanted go the distant and get my doctor’s degree. My father being a realistic told me to go for a career that paid well and that had a great future.  So, I selected a Pharmacy degree as a means to further my goals of working in research and development.  At the same time, I was making my father happy.

What do I like best about being a Pharmacist?

When I started my first job; I did not like being a Pharmacist.  However, it did not take very long to realize that Pharmacy had chosen me.  I loved being part of a multi-disciplinary team and making a difference in patient care.  Our team thrived in this patient care; this dynamic was contagious to all of us in the team.  I loved the dynamics of working together with one goal: taking care of our patients. It was very rewarding to communicate with our patients and see them when they were discharged.

What do I like best about my job?

When I stated my career in LTC Pharmacy; it taught me that it was so much more to being a Pharmacist.  Yes, it was dispensing medication to our residents but it was also so much more. It was a much larger multi-dynamic and multi-customers environment.  I love the dynamic of the LTC Pharmacy; it can be crazy busy and to an outsider it will seem like it is pandemonium however not to us. It is like this every day.  I love the satisfaction of accomplishing our daily goals and at the same time help that one nurse that called so angry and frustrated and by the end of the call; she said “thank you”.  (Finally, it is a place where my OCD is accepted. J)