The DeliveryTrack team recently gathered for an impromptu ceremony to bury two of the legacy DeliveryTrack Honeywell devices. Since its creation in 2006, DeliveryTrack operated on Honeywell mobile hand-held devices. With this year’s retirement of all non-Android systems, the Honeywell devices now exist only as a reminder of how far DeliveryTrack’s technology has progressed.

To honor that legacy, two of the devices now lie buried under concrete in the foundation of one of our new buildings.

“The Honeywell devices served us and our customers well,” said DeliveryTrack Product Manager Raymond van Rooyen. “It seemed a suitable tribute to DeliveryTrack’s past and a reminder to our team of the progress we have made.”

The devices may be obsolete, but they are forever a part of our company’s foundation…in this case, literally.