Audits are an unpleasant reality for long-term care pharmacies. But with so many business dollars at potential risk, Williams Apothecary viewed the time-consuming task of pulling files as a necessary evil. “We didn’t lose a lot of audit fines because we were really good at them,” said Jamie Williams, IT Manager at Williams Apothecary. “But even fighting the audits took hours of follow-up time hunting down and producing signatures. Audits were pretty much a full-time job, but that work would start after your day job tasks were done.”

Now, with DocuTrack and DeliveryTrack, audits are significantly easier. “The integration of QS/1, DocuTrack, and DeliveryTrack works great for us. For the prescriptions, we just dump the numbers in DocuTrack, highlight all the prescription responses that come back, and print them off or create PDFs immediately.”

“Eventually, it got old for auditors trying to continue to get huge amounts of money back from us,” said Mike Sauer, Technology Manager at Williams Apothecary. “We used to have to fight auditors on their fines. Now we don’t even have to fight it, because we have the signatures up front.”

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