Flexible, Comprehensive Pharmacy System

Experience lower total cost of ownership, extensive interfaces, customized workflows, and easy management of complex filling and billing scenarios.


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Optimize LTC workflow in your pharmacy with an industry-leading, scalable, and comprehensive LTC pharmacy management system.

PrimeCare is designed for LTC pharmacies serving larger assisted-living, skilled-nursing, group home, mental health, and hospice facilities. PrimeCare enables you to keep your pharmacy efficient and profitable with included features that streamline your daily processes and help you maintain strong customer communication. With built-in, flexible Workflow, Pharmacy at a Glance dashboard, and Accounts Receivable, PrimeCare is customizable to fit the needs of any size operation and features open architecture through product APIs.


Why PrimeCare?

LTC pharmacy software built to serve the facilities you serve. Mental health, assisted living, board-and-care, and skilled nursing. The list goes on.


Designed for LTC Pharmacies

Cycle orders and tracking pay-status changes are difficult to manage. PrimeCare is designed to separate filling and billing into separate processes.


200+ Interfaces to Choose From

PrimeCare connects you with over 200 patient-care and time-saving tools. EHRs, eMARs, packaging and dispensing, med cabinets. We got you covered.


More Information

Visit the Library for in-depth information such as FAQs, Key Features, and interface answers. Learn how PrimeCare can help your pharmacy.

Manage Workflow

PrimeCare’s Workflow can improve efficiency by breaking the filling process into segmented tasks: New Order Entry, Verification, Label and Dispensing, Quality Assurance, Delivery, and Error Resolution. You can choose to use one, some or all available features.

“We’re saving pharmacy phone calls, staff time and on-call time because the nursing center can access so much information”

Stephanie Kirkland R.Ph., Senior Director of Pharmacy – ElderCare

Stephanie Kirkland of ElderCare working with PrimeCare

WebConnect® – Bring it All Together

WebConnect® 5.0 is our latest facility-to-pharmacy communication tool. It provides access to pharmacy information at long-term care facilities from the nurses’ station or at the patient bedside using any tablet with internet access. The architecture has a responsive design that provides the most user-friendly experience possible for LTC facility staff while helping save pharmacy staff more time, increase productivity, and improve customer service. Learn More »

“WebConnect® allows us to be able to offer services that they’re not able to get elsewhere”

Stephanie Kirkland R.Ph., Senior Director of Pharmacy – ElderCare


Versatile Dispensing Options

PrimeCare allows you to handle short-cycle dispensing with options for daily, 7-day, 14-day and custom fill lists. When using unit-dose processing, our fill lists enable you to use a variety of dispensing intervals and systems and allow you to separate filling and billing with different transaction dates.

“With PrimeCare we are able to process refills even when our pharmacists aren’t onsite. ”

Stephanie Kirkland R.Ph., Senior Director of Pharmacy – ElderCare


Unlimited Flexibility

PrimeCare enables you to process orders quickly, efficiently and safely and includes features that will streamline your daily processes.  PrimeCare is customizable to fit the needs of your pharmacy and the LTC facilities you serve.

  • Process orders quickly and accurately
  • Streamline your daily processes with flexible workflows
  • Gain valuable insight with Pharmacy at a Glance dashboards
  • Get real-time snapshots of Accounts Receivable
  • Multi-facility compatible. Manage it all from one location

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable helps you collect payments faster and with less hassle. View patient and insurance carrier balances, send statements and print detailed aging reports by patient or carrier.

Data Export

Data Export transfers information to a spreadsheet, database or report application for further analysis.

Pharmacy at a Glance

QS/1’s dashboard application, Pharmacy at a Glance, displays all prescription processing queue activities in real time.


Helps pharmacies break down the prescription filling process to maximize available resources and improve efficiency and productivity.

Therapeutic Interchange

Manage a Therapeutic Interchange program by creating therapeutic interchange plans that contain approved drug substitutions and assign these plans by facilities which have approved them.

Advanced Security

Protect your inventory, finance and prescription records by tracking when employees make changes.

Employee Security

Enables various levels of security access for each employee.

Purchase Order

Our Purchase Order module supports purchase order preparation, tracking and receiving and enhances inventory management capabilities.

Getting hands on in the business of LTC pharmacy reporting

Workflow – Break down the filling process to maximize resources.

With only a few keystrokes from any screen, users can check the status of prescriptions and send problem prescriptions to a separate queue for resolution by a qualified staff member without disrupting the dispensing process. This flexible module accommodates each pharmacy’s unique resources, processes and procedures. Our Store Workflow module helps boost quality assurance with on-screen drug images, prescription scanning and NDC barcode scanning. In fact, pharmacies using our workflow tools have reported as much as a 66% reduction in errors.

“Workflow is fantastic. The reporting is amazing. You’re able to control the system how you want to, instead of the system being
run one particular way. It allows you to get very granular.”

James Branshaw R.Ph., Owner – Harbor Pharmacy


Feature Rich for Future Success

PrimeCare’s range of interfaces means you can go after contracts in the LTC arena with a high degree of confidence. Your LTC pharmacy will be able to satisfy any requirements a facility may have and be able to integrate seamlessly with their operations.

“The interfaces with the different vendors have been critical. Every facility we have has their own idea of what software works best for them. And they’ll pick a different electronic medical record. PrimeCare having these robust Interfaces allows us to say,
‘Yes, we can take you on as a customer and we’ll support that.’”

James Branshaw, R.Ph. – Owner, Harbor Pharmacy

Optional Modules
Take advantage of your choices with PrimeCare

Take Advantage of Your Choices

PrimeCare’s optional modules and services allow you to serve multiple facilities quickly and easily.

  • Complete communication from the nurses’ station to the patient bedside.
  • Manage and report on multiple locations with Multi-Site Management (MSM™)
  • Reduce your document management and storage requirements while ensuring HIPAA compliance
  • Store your data securely and safely with Remote Backup and Recovery Services
  • High volume pharmacy? Integrate with Basic API and use the web for online prescriptions

Centralized SQL

A data warehouse that is designed for your LTC pharmacy needs. Create reports without having to be an expert.


Safe and Secure

Design a system based on the needs of each individual user. Track when changes and updates are made and who did them. Fully HIPAA compliant.


Share Data Among Pharmacies

 MSM’s real-time data access allows pharmacies to share and access key databases. Patients and prescribers, corporate-wide clinical checks of patient profiles and so much more.


More Information

Visit the Library for in-depth information such as FAQs and Key Features. Learn how these optional modules may be the right solution for you.

Multi-Site Management with Integra.

Multi-Site Management (MSM™)

MSM provides a SQL-based central data warehouse that is ideal for pharmacies with multiple locations. It automatically collects data and allows you to generate customized reports and export data to your favorite off-the-shelf software to create user-specific reports without extensive application expertise.

“Multi-Site Management allows us to track a prescription from beginning to end at any location at any time.”

Stephanie Kirkland R.Ph, Senior Director of Pharmacy – ElderCare

Document Imaging

Scan and store driver’s licenses, insurance cards, Medicare documentation, delivery tickets, shipping or any other document to create digital files and store them within your PrimeCare® system. Retrieval is quick and easy.


  • Scan and save electronic copies.
  • Save documents with patient, transaction, doctor or item records for easy access.
  • Scan, index, search, recall, view and print electronic copies as needed.

Safe and Secure

  • Built-in security options for HIPAA security compliance.
  • Password protection settings for restricted access.
  • Track who made document changes and when.
Document Imaging

Extend Your LTC and Grow Your Business

WebConnect 5.0 is fast, straightforward and allows facility staff to print electronic prescriptions without interrupting the pharmacy’s workflow. The streamlined layout makes it a must-have tool inside an LTC facility. Facilities can access a full complement of medical records, forms, treatment sheets and psychotropic monitoring sheets. WebConnect allows facility staff to:

  • Look up patient prescriptions and view profiles
  • Order refill medications online that go directly into the pharmacy’s queue, eliminating manual entry
  • Maintain ancillary orders
  • Access clinical information online
  • Ensure security with facility-specific login and password

Facility Access

Search. Add. Update. Print. Calculate daily medication costs. Take advantage of these features and hundreds more with streamlined communications in WebConnect.


Increase Productivity

Decrease pharmacy interruptions caused by faxed requests and
phone calls for refill orders and status updates. Provide superior customer service with real-time facility access.



Access, search, edit, and print patient and medication information quickly and easily. Authorize LTC facility employees to work directly from a workstation, laptop, or tablet with internet access.


More Information

Visit the Library for in-depth information such as FAQs and Key Features. Learn how WebConnect is the right solution for you.

Image of pharmacist bringing al the tools of WebConnect together on Tablet.


Provide a safe and secure connection between your PrimeCare®
Pharmacy Management System and the LTC facilities you serve with
WebConnect. Enable LTC facilities to

  • Submit refill orders that flow directly into the pharmacy’s
    filling queue
  • Reduce errors
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Utilize staff more effectively based on the needs of both your
    pharmacy and your facility customers

Ready-to-use interfaces to the most popular products in pharmacy include:

  • 44 EMR/eMAR products
  • 31 dispensing devices
  • 20 ADT demographics
  • 16 packaging devices
  • 16 EHR systems
Configuration Choices

Configuration Choices

PrimeCare’s optional modules and services allow you to serve multiple facilities quickly and easily.

  • Complete communication from the nurses’ station to the patient bedside
  • Manage and report on multiple locations with Multi-Site Management (MSM™)
  • Reduce your document management and storage requirements while ensuring HIPAA compliance
  • Store your data securely and safely with Remote Backup and Recovery Services
  • High volume pharmacy? Integrate with Basic API and use the web for online prescriptions

We offer several configurations to provide maximum control over data and systems or to relieve the concern about software updates and server issues. Configurations work with pharmacy, HME/DME and governmental.



For customers who want to host and manage their data, software and server at their location.



 For customers who don’t want the responsibility of software updates and server management.



Allows customers to manage up to 10 locations from one server.



Designed for large, multi-location operations.

PrimeCare integration with DeliveryTrack

Comprehensive Interfaces to Meet Your Needs

Choose from a large selection of tools and services to help improve efficiency, reduce duplicate data entry, and improve customer service. Our ready-made interfaces use government and industry standards, such as HL7, XML, Web Services, and NCPDP SCRIPT 10.6 to ensure reliable, accurate communications.

Over 200 interfaces in the following categories:

  • Electronic Health Records (eHR)
  • Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR)
  • Electronic Prescriptions
  • Medication Cabinets
  • Dispensing Automation
  • Compliance Packaging
  • Patient Demographics (ADT)
  • Shipping
  • Document Management
  • Consulting Software
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Delivery and Logistics

Flexibility You Require

An extensive interface library allows you to integrate seamlessly with the systems you have in place, and prepare for future technological growth in the future.


The Edge You Need

The facilities you service require your flexibility to interface to the systems they use. We ensure you can say yes to your customers’ diverse requests.


Achieve More

When systems aren’t aligned, it’s time-consuming to manage things individually. Integration will streamline processes, reduce costs, and ensure efficiency.


More Information

Visit the Library for PrimeCare WebConnect datasheets. Learn how PrimeCare is the right solution for you.

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