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At Integra, we will support you and provide opportunities to help you reach your professional goals. Our culture is open, collegial, caring, and collaborative. Together as a team, putting our egos aside, we work hard to create best-in-class pharmacy solutions for our clients that we take great pride in.

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Spartanburg, SC

Career Locations Anacortes

Anacortes, WA

The Recruitment Process

Fantastic Work/Life Balance

“The life balance I am able to achieve working for Integra was an unexpected perk for an already amazing opportunity. I get to live in the small-town atmosphere of Anacortes with a 10-minute commute and work with talented and passionate people with all the beauty the northwest has to offer.”

Ryan Draper, Software Developer

Personal Fulfillment

“As an account manager, I get to work directly with customers all the time. It’s so rewarding to take people through the implementation process, watching them hesitantly get started, and eventually become super comfortable with the product and eager to learn more. I love that interaction and get a lot of satisfaction after each successful product go-live.”

Keri Nelson, Account Manager