The future is now

The industry’s first cloud-based LTC pharmacy software

Axys is built from the ground up on the most modern technology. Not the most modern technology in long-term care – the most modern technology. Axys is the first cloud-based LTC pharmacy management software, which means no hardware, no servers, and advanced data security.

The ultimate pharmacy experience

Easily access your data with customizable dashboards

The intuitive design allows you to easily train and retain your staff. Axys makes filling prescriptions simple. Utilize dashboard productivity information to help your pharmacy operate efficiently.

Designed for LTC

Seamless integration with delivery and content management

A truly modern pharmacy management system created just for you, Axys integrates seamlessly with Integra’s market-leading DocuTrack® and DeliveryTrack® software. Axys provides unparalleled scalability to fit your pharmacy needs – helping you to shape the future of long-term care.

Axys by Integra

Let Integra help you Care Differently®.

“This system has been designed with the user in mind. It’s fast, intuitive, and easy to use, enhancing our productivity, which in turn allows us to focus our energy on resident care and customer service.”

“We believe the Axys system will streamline our efforts. And, because it is fully cloud and browser based, it will simplify the technology infrastructure needs within each individual pharmacy.”

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