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Toll-Free Support: 866-720-6846

Client Center – Login to the Client Center

General Support – Email General Support

DocuTrack Support – Email DocuTrack Support

DeliveryTrack Support – Email DeliveryTrack Support

PrimeCare Support – Email PrimeCare Support

Logix Support – Email Logix Support

Mevesi Support – Email Mevesi Support

Corporate Headquarters Stuff

Integra LTC Solutions
317 Commercial Ave
Anacortes, WA 98221

General Email:

General Calls: 360-588-0574

Billing Calls: 360-588-0574

Billing Email:

Fax: 360-588-0649

Need to talk to our sales team?

General Sales: 866-257-4279

General Sales Email: Send Mail

Our Sales Team

Jim McDonald – National Sales Director – 727-437-7068
Email Jim

DocuTrack, DeliveryTrack, Logix, & Cloud Fax Sales

Tony Chambrovich – N.E. Regional Sales Manager – 732-272-7445
Email Tony

Scott Laws – West Regional Sales Manager – 602-432-2832
Email Scott

Todd Murray – S.E. Regional Sales Manager – 813-792-8066
Email Todd

Jeff Ross – Central Regional Sales Manager – 317-429-0098
Email Jeff

PrimeCare, WebConnect, & Mevesi Sales

Mike Plinski – Email Mike

Paulette Slaughter – Email Paulette

Tyler Daniels – Email Tyler

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