Facility Web Portal

Streamline your patient and medication information submissions and communicate safely with the facilities you serve.

Better Serve Clients and Grow Your Business

WebConnect 5.0 is fast, straightforward and allows facility staff to print electronic prescriptions without interrupting the pharmacy’s workflow. The streamlined layout makes it a must-have tool inside an LTC facility. Facilities can access a full complement of medical records, forms, treatment sheets and psychotropic monitoring sheets. WebConnect allows facility staff to:

  • Look up patient prescriptions and view profiles
  • Order refill medications online that go directly into the pharmacy’s queue, eliminating manual entry
  • Maintain ancillary orders
  • Access clinical information online
  • Ensure security with facility-specific login and password

Facility Access

Search. Add. Update. Print. Calculate daily medication costs. Take advantage of these features and hundreds more with streamlined communications in WebConnect.


Increase Productivity

Decrease pharmacy interruptions caused by faxed requests and
phone calls for refill orders and status updates. Provide superior customer service with real-time facility access.



Access, search, edit, and print patient and medication information quickly and easily. Authorize LTC facility employees to work directly from a workstation, laptop, or tablet with internet access.


More Information

Visit the Library for in-depth information such as FAQs and Key Features. Learn how WebConnect is the right solution for you.


Streamline Communications

WebConnect helps decrease pharmacy interruptions caused by faxed requests and phone calls for refill orders and status updates. With WebConnect you can

  • Add, update or view new patients
  • Search active medication profiles for patients
  • Order refill medications
  • View the patient billing matrix
  • Electronically receive deliveries

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