Data Analytics For Your LTC & Community Pharmacy

Mevesi unifies your data, giving you unlimited insight into your long-term care & community pharmacy’s performance.

Mevesi BI
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Intelligent Business Analytics for Your LTC & Community Pharmacy

Designed specifically to meet LTC & Community pharmacies’ exact needs, Mevesi BI allows you to easily access all your pharmacy data quickly.

  • Unlimited insights – Improve productivity and increase revenue.
  • Enhanced customer experiences – Solve problems before they occur.
  • Advanced analytics – Visualize and predict pharmacy needs.
  • Self-Service BI – Access all your data, all of the time.
  • Predict the future- Identify strengths & weaknesses and control every aspect of your business.

Advanced Insight

Multidimensional reports, dashboards, and scorecards allow you to observe your pharmacy operations in real-time.


Forecast Business

Forecast Business: Simplify goal setting with reliable data access and easy to read graphics that improve efficiency.


Unified Data Sources

Unify all of your pharmacy data including prescription, point of sale, and claims data to help enhance the customer experience.


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“Would I need more than one team member and half a day to report on this?” If the answer is yes, Mevesi BI can help.

Pharmacy Technician using Mevesi for pharmacy analytics

Simplify the Process

Integrate all your data sources into one place and gain valuable LTC pharmacy insight with multi-dimensional reporting, real-time analytics, dashboards, charts, and pharmacy visualizations.

“I’ve told multiple people I don’t know what I’d do if Mevesi BI went away tomorrow. I can sit down and get and give an answer in less than 5 minutes.”

 Rusty Lee, Senior Vice President of Ancillary Services – CHSGa

Ensure Your Success

Mevesi enables efficient, data-driven decision-making. Trusted by over 200 pharmacies, Mevesi analytics software converts your existing pharmacy system financials and accounting data into actionable information that will increase revenue, productivity, and profitability.

“You can very easily articulate the mechanics inside a pharmacy with Mevesi BI in minutes.”

Rusty Lee, Senior Vice President of Ancillary Services – CHSGa

Female pharmacy technician working inside LTC pharmacy with monitors and Mevesi running on one.
2 business owners looking at trends and chokepoints in their LTC pharmacy on big screens in Mevesi.

Identify Anything, Anytime

Quickly view your negative and positive margins and locate unpaid
charges. Track high and low volume products for better inventory
control and reduce on-hand inventory with real-time and historical

“You can identify anything that could be hurting your productivity or financials with Mevesi, as well as identify new avenues of possible revenue and productivity.”

Rusty Lee, Senior Vice President of Ancillary
Services – CHSGa

Mevesi Edge
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Intelligent Patient Management

Mevesi Edge allows you to configure your workflow, queues, call scripts, and communication designed to meet your individual client needs.

  • Integrated intervention management.
  • Enhanced patient engagement.
  • Improved care pathways.
  • Increased compliance.
  • Communication monitoring.

Customer Retention

Patients receive extraordinary healthcare services based on their data, improving customer satisfaction and retention.


Enhanced Workflow

A bi-directional interface with your pharmacy system that provides you the ability to enhance your workflow with unparalleled control.


Specialty Clinical Guidelines

Pharmacy Edge provides clinical guidelines for top specialty diseases that allows you to follow a workflow tailored to each individual patient.


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Visit the Library for in-depth information such as FAQs and Key Features. Learn how Pharmacy Edge is the right solution for you.

Man in suit using touch screen to engage with various points of the care continuum.

Patient Engagement

Simplify continuum of care with patient web and mobile applications integrated with their physicians portal.  Improve patient and physician engagement during the patient’s continuum of care.


Mevesi – Take Control

Physician Engagement

With Mevesi Edge, you can provide physicians with a robust and customizable portal that provides them and their staff with Mevesi Secure Messaging. This allows pharmacists and physicians the ability to engage directly and instantly with one another.

Medication compliance, updates on prescription dispensing status, clinical assessment status, and prior authorization status are all handled in real-time.


Mevesi Modules
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All Your Data in One Place

Integrate point of sale and accounting information into your Mevesi data feeds.

  • Use dashboards and reports for real-time actions on trends.
  • Access multiple accounting reports from one location.
  • Use scorecards to identify trends and make changes to workflows in real time.
  • Easy integration with all your current systems.
  • Maintain complete HIPAA compliance.

Point of Sale Module

Gather additional data. Run location, product, and category reports for a clearer financial picture. Create dashboards for quick visibility into emerging trends.


Accounting Systems Module

Access all of your accounting specifics from one source. Create dashboards that provide real-time access to stores, accounts, vendors, and well, you name it, you can measure it.



Use resources more effectively. Get a quick visual of your pharmacy to help identify trends, find areas of improvement, and identify new sources of revenue within your organization.



Get control of costs (variable and fixed). Take control of your labor and non-labor expenses, cash flow, and reconciliation instantly with easy to use dashboards tailored to your pharmacy.

Mevesi – Take Control

A Centralized Visual of Your Pharmacy

Mevesi Modules provide a seamless connection between departments, giving you a single place to compare, visualize, examine, improve, and identify your entire workflow.

“With Mevesi, you log in, you build your dashboard in a few minutes to report on refill compliance ratio and there it is for all locations, all systems. It’s impressive.”

Rusty Lee, Senior Vice President of Ancillary Services – CHSGa

Mevesi – Take Control

Day-to-Day Control in Real-Time

Mevesi Modules can provide alerts, reports, and real-time status updates so you are prepared for anything. Break down all your operations by Rx revenue, new business, organic growth, and existing business.

“We’ve actually had Medicare auditors walk into our building unannounced and want us to provide documents quickly. And we’ve been able to do that and really have had no deficiencies on the Medicare side because it’s so easy and quick to find those documents in DocuTrack.”

“It’s not limited to just the categories they tell you. You name it, Mevesi BI can help you identify it.”

Rusty Lee, Senior Vice President of Ancillary Services – CHSGa

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