Mevesi BI –

What Do You Know About Your Pharmacy Data?

Ask yourself, “How much do I know about my LTC Pharmacy’s data?”

Your data can be confusing. We get it. It’s like a giant bucket of information without any parameters. With Mevesi BI, you can gain a clear understanding of your long-term care pharmacies, workloads, operations, billing, finance, and workflows. With this data measured and displayed exactly how you want to see it, your pharmacy will be able to identify and understand what is happening in real-time. This allows you to identify growth opportunities immediately and problems before they become one.

What do you know about your pharmacy workflows and how well you move your customers through it?

Use Mevesi BI to understand and analyze your workflows. See in real-time if they are working how you and your customers want them to. Identify chokepoints in your current schedule and set up more efficient delivery schedules based on your customers’ needs. Use BI to identify when certain types of orders are not moving correctly and may be resulting in additional steps that impact your customers.

Do you know how much inventory you have that isn’t being utilized effectively & efficiently?

You know your highest cost expenditure is all that inventory. With Mevesi BI you can gain insight into our inventory that you’d never thought possible. View your inventory in real and future time to make immediate adjustments that will prevent delays to your customers and keep everyone happy.

Who are your most profitable customers?

Mevesi BI allows you to focus to take a granular approach to each customer. You can see exactly where they are profitable and where they are not as they move through your workflows. You can see if adjustments are necessary in pricing or wholesale and forecast new business based on a myriad of factors. Truly understand any new business before you take it on to maximize productivity and revenue for your LTC.

What days of the week have the most orders that require prior authorizations?

Take the pain out of billing with Mevesi BI. Create dashboards quickly and easily that show you everything that is outstanding. Examine prior authorizations at any time to see if they have been paid, rejected, or are not being re-submitted by your team. Gather anything unpaid and see it one easy place in real-time and keep the revenue flowing without having to waste hours searching for it.

At what times can you allocate your team more effectively to eliminate chokepoints and improve the customer experience?

Take complete control of your document workflow. Mevesi BI helps you take control of the day to better utilize your team to improve the customer experience. Gain real insight into how your documents and LTC pharmacy are working to understand the best way to serve cutoff times and peak service periods. Make wait times a thing of the past by identifying the sources of those waits and adjusting accordingly.

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