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Modernize your pharmacy fax software system. Integra Cloud Fax is a powerful, easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant solution with enterprise-level flexibility and no hidden fees.

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“My customers are happy with increased reliability. Management is happy with reduced costs. I am happy because Integra Cloud Fax is secure, reliable, and redundant.”

Cliff Hunt, Chief Information Officer, Senior Care Pharmacy

“I’d say the biggest benefit for us is by far the scaling ability, basically unlimited, simultaneous incoming fax volume. We were able to scale and stay organized in the process.”

Caleb Wilson, CFO, Reliant Pharmacy

“My primary comment on Integra Cloud Fax is being able to know confidently that our customers are having a good experience getting us orders, and they’re not getting frustrated in the process.”

Caleb Wilson, CFO, Reliant Pharmacy

“From a customer standpoint, they’ve not seen any interruptions, whether it’s faxing to us or us faxing out. I honestly don’t recall the last downtime or faxing complaint we received.”

Matt Hayden, Executive Director, Senior Care Pharmacy

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