Extend & Enhance Your LTC Pharmacy Software

DocuTrack’s custom-built add-ons provide more functionality, automation, and productivity for your long-term care pharmacy.

Direct Print
Print documents directly into DocuTrack with Integra’s remote, virtual Print Module.

Remote Print Directly into DocuTrack

Integra’s virtual, remote print module enables remote printing from in or outside of your network. The module can be installed on any computer, allowing users to print documents directly into DocuTrack.

  • Print into DocuTrack from any enabled workstation.
  • Set up remotely, in or outside of your network.
  • Adhere to compliant transport protocol.
  • Add watermarks to documents and read text.
  • Increase document routing options with unique printer IDs.
  • Reduce costs associated with physical printing.

Highly Configurable

Businesses can set up unlimited instances of the print module. This allows for each instance to print to a specific department or individual user based on your needs.


Easy to Use

Similar to the “Print to PDF” function people know, the Direct Print Module outputs your files directly into DocuTrack, allowing users to further capitalize on routing rules.


Enhanced Routing

Unique printer identification allows DocuTrack end-users to identify where any document is printed from, similar to how they currently utilize fax numbers.


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Providing What YOU Need in long-term care

“Integra is a great partner. They cater to our needs. In return, we’ve been able to get a great product that helps us as a business provide better and quicker information to our patients, but also reduce our costs.”

Jorge Garrigo, Director of Pharmacy Logistics – Leon Medical Centers

eRx Module

Take Control of Electronic Prescriptions

The DocuTrack eRx Module allows incoming NCPDP 10.6 messages to be processed through DocuTrack import rules and your regular pharmacy workflow.

  • Free to DocuTrack clients.
  • No transaction fees.
  • Fully NCPDP 10.6 and EPCS compliant.
  • Highly flexible and configurable.
  • Handles multiple message types.
  • Quick install with no downtime.

Free To Customers

Integra believes in open-system integration to meet your individual needs. We partner with PrimeCare® and leading EHR vendors to simplify e-prescribing for free.  It’s vital to your LTC pharmacy business to know we are your partner.


Centralize Processing

Handle all incoming orders and documents in the same way, regardless of source. The eRx Module integrates all e-scripts into your current workflow for seamless handling.


Alerts & Routing

The eRx Module allows you to build custom document import rules to expedite e-script handling, while using alerts to monitor and appropriate manage incoming NCPDP messages.


Need to Know More?

Learn more about your free DocuTrack eRx module in the Integra Library.

The DocuTrack Barcode Module allows you to increase the productivity of your pharmacy without adding additional team members.

Instantly Route and Identify Document Types

Static and dynamic barcodes allow for intelligent routing of documents based on document type, where it is received from, or what document it was originally associated with.

  • Instantly identify incoming documents.
  • Barcode forms and provide to facilities.
  • Automate PRN refill processing.
  • Merge faxes with original documents.
  • Automatically index delivery manifests.
  • High read rates – even damaged barcodes.
  • Static and dynamic routing.

Increase Automation

Ensure all documents are sent to the appropriate departments. Match incoming clarifications back to the original order. And do it all without human intervention.


Simplify Refills

Instantly associate Rx information to an original order. The refill will be recognized, routed, and sent to the pharmacy system for processing. Users can also mass submit refills.


Smart Technology

Use other tools such as automatic image rotation, image de-skew, de-speckle, and other image enhancements that improve the visual clarity of your fax images.

More About Barcoding

Need to know more? Check out the Add-Ons section in the Integra Library.


Instant, No-Hassle long-term care pharmacy Routing

“Documents come in and go right into a queue. They’re easy to organize, we can prioritize. We can fill prescriptions knowing they have been processed correctly.”

Carson Huntoon, Pharmacist – Hoagland Pharmacy

DocuTrack Assistant
Connect the facilities you service to your Integra Cloud Fax Network with the Integra Cloud Fax (ICF) A2E Device. Grow Your LTC business securely.

Reduce Thousands of Data Entry Steps

Meet the little widget that can. Significantly decrease overall processing time with fewer keystrokes and reduced data entry steps.

  • Instantly load orders from scanned barcode.
  • Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks.
  • Scan labels to instantly retrieve orders.
  • Reduce data entry time and steps.
  • Custom macros to complete your most repetitive tasks.
  • Complete multiple steps with one click.

Instant Look-up

Scan a barcoded prescription label to immediately load associated documents. Pharmacists no longer have to type in prescription information to pull up orders.


Increased Output

Configurable macro buttons allow you to customize the widget to complete your most repetitive tasks. All users will save valuable data entry, order look-up, and processing time.


Less Work, More Flow

Click once to complete a series of document processing. Send documents directly to Admissions or Accounting, or instantly route a refill, CII, or correction.


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Want to know more about the DocuTrack Assistant Add-On? Visit the Add-On section in our Library.

Real-Time Viewer
Know where all your documents are within your long-term care pharmacy workflow with the real-time viewer.

Make Workflow Changes on the Fly

Determine what areas of your long-term care pharmacy workflow need attention so your team can better manage their time and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Complete workflow visibility.
  • Monitor documents in-process.
  • See issues before they occur.
  • Help staff manage their time better.
  • Easy-to-read graphical displays.
  • Alerts displayed inside of DocuTrack.
  • Web-based for easy viewing anywhere.

Real-Time Solutions

Fix the problems in your LTC workflow before they even happen. With real-time status updates on up to seven folders, it’s easy to balance the workload and better allocate staff.


Granular Control

Alerts can be created to monitor every aspect of your workflow as well as the condition of your DocuTrack server. Rest easy, as alert privileges are custom, enabling only the staff you select to see them.


Time Management

At a glance, your staff can determine what areas of the workflow need attention. They can then better manage their time, and put more attention toward order fulfillment or attentive customer service.


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LTC Pharmacy Workload and Resource Management

“I can see what the peak times are that we’re getting orders in and can adjust my staffing of the different departments based on that.”

Randall S. Klemm, President – Managed Healthcare Pharmacy


Know Where You Stand

“It’s a great management tool for the sole proprietor or a corporation so you can go in and look at where your business is at that moment and get a good idea of where things stand.”

Michael Kaplan, President – Medic Pharmacy

Active Directory
Reduce security risks, simplify user management, and reduce IT work requests with the DocuTrack Active Directory Add-On.

Eliminate IT Redundancies

Centralize user management and reduce IT administration tasks by integrating DocuTrack with your Active Directory Services.

  • Single DocuTrack sign-on.
  • Eliminate individual user accounts.
  • Enhance compliance.
  • Mitigate security risks.
  • Simplify user accounting.
  • Single security model.
  • Integrated with Windows Active Directory.

Single Sign-On

Give your long-term care pharmacy team the benefit of accessing DocuTrack resources without the need to log in a second time. Every saved keystroke allows them to grow your business.


User Management

Free up your technical administrator to focus on improving your IT infrastructure. No need to make individual user accounts or replicate work that has already been accomplished.


Ensure Compliance

You know if it’s Integra, security is paramount. Reduce the complexity of complying with HIPAA and Sarbenes-Oxley regulations while reducing processes and eliminating keystrokes.


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