PrimeCare Pharmacy Management Software

Customizable Pharmacy Workflow

DocuTrack is a comprehensive, flexible pharmacy workflow solution that organizes and stores all the documents and media that keep your pharmacy running smoothly.

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PrimeCare Pharmacy Management Software
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Faster Processing with Automation

Reduce triage staff. Automated features with barcoding, custom routing rules, and ePrescribing integration allow for streamlined workflow and faster order processing. For example, STAT orders can be automatically assigned to the correct handler.

Complete Flexibility & Scalability

Tailored for your pharmacy with editable workflow and import rules. DocuTrack is scalable and can mirror your current pharmacy processes for seamless adoption. Customize user roles and monitor staff or work remotely. Plus, DocuTrack interfaces with over 60 industry technologies.


Industry leading software provider with 99.9999% uptime. One of our largest customers has reported less than 30 seconds downtime in the past 12 years.

“We were looking for something that would tie all the departments together and increase efficiencies.”

Randall Clem, President, Managed Healthcare Pharmacy

“We’ve actually had Medicare auditors walk into our building unannounced and want us to provide documents quickly. We’ve been able to do that and really haven’t had deficiencies on the Medicare side because it’s so easy and quick to find those documents in DocuTrack.”

Amy Cruse, Operations Manager, AmPharm, Inc.

DocuTrack has increased our customer service by allowing us to get answers for customers faster. We don’t have to ask a customer to hold while we go look in a filing cabinet for a delivery list or order.”

Stephen Carroll, COO, AllCare Pharmacy

“Having a system like DocuTrack lets me spend more time with my patients, more time with the customers, and more time growing our relationships.”

Carson Huntoon, Pharmacist, Hoagland Pharmacy

“With DocuTrack, you can send a document that has everything that happened on it (and) that’s huge. In the end, it’s going to help the residents and the patients, which is why we do what we do.”

Brandon Weeks, Director of Operations, IHS LTC Pharmacy

“I just did an audit in two minutes flat! Thank you, DocuTrack! Normally that would have been a 30-60-minute task. Oh, how I love this system even more than I already did!”

Kristin Mutter, Billing Coordinator, Shared Pharmacy Services

“Documents come in. They’re imported directly into DocuTrack. They’re then routed to where they need to go. So, all the paper handling and the printing and the fax issues are gone.”

Ray Hawkins, IT Manager, AmPharm, Inc.

“There’s no more putting the customer on hold or saying we’ll call you back and going to pull a file. It’s right there, right in front of you with the click of a button.”

Mark Dame, Marketing Director, Managed Healthcare Pharmacy

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Boost your productivity with these software application extensions.

See how DocuTrack can help your pharmacy stand out.

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