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pharmacy trends

Integra stays up-to-date on trending issues in pharmacy, so we can meet your needs.

Secure Messaging & Patient Data

With the expansion of the home infusion and alternative site care markets, the need for secure messaging and protecting patient data is more important than ever. With the multitude of choices expanding into patient care, protecting your pharmacy and your patients' [...]

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Pharmacist Appreciation Day

Happy Pharmacist Appreciation Day! To all the pharmacists out there, a sincere thank you for everything you do for your patients. In order to help us celebrate the positive impact pharmacists have in their communities, one of our customers, Beverly [...]

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Creating a LTC Center of Excellence

Original article by Margery Morstein, QS/1 Creative Design Specialist Excellence is a strong word. So, if you use it, you better be able to back it up. Kevin Welch, president of Integra LTC solutions, and Saul Factor, president of QS/1, are [...]

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