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6 Reasons You Need Software for Your LTC Pharmacy Delivery Service

The rise in pharmacy deliveries is bringing great opportunities – and growing pains. Your customers’ expectations and audit pressures are only increasing, so the tools that worked before may not scale for more medication deliveries, more routes, and more [...]

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Independent Pharmacists – You CAN Provide COVID-19 Vaccines!

On Friday, October 16, 2020, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a partnership with two chain pharmacies to deliver COVID-19 vaccine options to LTC facilities. It is important to note that your facilities can also choose [...]

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New SCRIPT Is Off and Running. Are You?

As of January 1, new SCRIPT 2017071 officially replaced version 10.6, and it came with potential advantages to pharmacy’s workflow speed and patient care. Have you gotten underway with the new ePrescribing standard? Read on for why you shouldn’t delay. If you [...]

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New SCRIPT: Prioritized Prescriptions

In part 2 last week of our series on the NCPDP’s new standard for ePrescribing, which becomes effective January 1, we talked about the standard’s new ways for pharmacies and prescribers to communicate. In this third installment, we explore an [...]

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New SCRIPT: Easier Changes and Clarifications

In part 1 last week of our series on the NCPDP’s new standard for ePrescribing, which becomes effective January 1, we talked about the many new fields contained in version 2017071. In this second installment, we explore the standard’s new two-way [...]

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New SCRIPT: More Prescription Information

Nobody likes gaps in information that can cause missteps in decision-making. That’s especially true when you’re responsible for someone’s health and safety, and it was a big concern when updating the NCPDP standard for ePrescribing. Beginning January 1, e-prescriptions should be [...]

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How to Gain the Most From your LTC Delivery Process

Delivering your LTC prescriptions in an efficient, timely manner is vital to both serving your patients and lowering the operating costs of running your pharmacy. Delivery efficiency is becoming even more important as industry-wide issues — high delivery costs, special [...]

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