A New Level of Productivity

The right pharmacy workflow software can make a world of difference. DocuTrack is the pharmacy workflow solution you need to streamline your long-term care operations. Say goodbye to wasted time and errors, and hello to elevated staff productivity and efficient workflow.

“Having a system like DocuTrack lets me spend more time with my patients, more time with the customers, and more time growing our relationships.”

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Cut down on manual tasks

Efficient and Accurate

DocuTrack helps your pharmacy work more efficiently, cutting down on wasteful and potentially expensive errors. Access orders instantly for quick, accurate answers to customers’ questions and elevated staff productivity. Reports provide monitoring of your pharmacy’s productivity in real time.

No longer live in fear of audits

No Longer Live in Fear of Audits

DocuTrack’s Audit Assist quickly processes and builds all the documentation needed to fulfill a pharmacy audit. An advanced content management system, each document has a complete audit history for every action taken.

Tailored for your pharmacy

Tailored for Your Pharmacy

DocuTrack’s editable workflow and import rules allow you to mirror your current pharmacy processes for seamless adoption. Customize user roles and monitor staff or work remotely.

Faster processing with automation

Be Faster with Automation

Reduce triage staff. Automated features with barcoding, custom routing rules, and ePrescribing integration allow for streamlined pharmacy workflow and faster order processing.