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Who couldn’t use a little extra help getting things done? Explore how DocuTrack can transform what efficiency looks like in your pharmacy. The right workflow solution can make a world of difference. Check out DocuTrack to see just how productive your pharmacy can be. 

The Power to…



With one click, DocuTrack’s Unified Search gives you the ability to find prescription status from DocuTrack and PrimeCare®.



You no longer have to live in fear of audits. DocuTrack’s Audit Assist will quickly process and build all the documentation needed to fulfill an audit.



Increase your pharmacy’s productivity with DocuTrack Barcoding to further automate workflow.

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“I just did an audit in two minutes flat! Thank you, DocuTrack! Normally that would have been a 30-60-minute task. Oh, how I love this system even more than I already did!”

“There’s no more putting the customer on hold or saying we’ll call you back and going to pull a file. It’s right there, right in front of you with the click of a button.”

“We were looking for something that would tie all the departments together and increase efficiencies.”