We Are Hiring

If people are happy, work gets done. We believe these things go hand-in-hand

We hire people. We can’t say it enough. Integra’s parent company, J M Smith, has a long history of valuing their employees that makes working here very rewarding.

Meet Our Team

They say the company you keep says a lot about you. We believe we are pretty awesome company. See for yourself.

  • Amazing people who want to help you grow.
  • Suits & ties? We’re more into shorts & t-shirts.
  • Learn & grow in a way that fits you.
  • Leadership that cares about you.
  • Modern technologies and processes.
  • It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s how we learn.

It’s About You, Not Us

We know it’s about what you want for your career. At Integra LTC Solutions, we want you to be happy. So look around, see what we are about and decide if we are for you.


Find the Right Team

We have so many different personalities here, you’re bound to click with a few of them. We welcome diversity and openness. Take a look at the careers and ask us questions.


Build Great Solutions

We build and support great products for our long-term care pharmacy clients. Are you a solutions builder? Join us! Bring your expertise and help us make our products even better.


Ready to Start?

We are ready for you to bring your talent, knowledge, experience, and everything about you into the Integra family. See our careers and find the right one for you.

We Are Hiring

Rewarding Projects & Great People

“Satisfying, meaningful projects and supportive co-workers make Integra a place I am truly excited to work at.”

Ian Ovenell, Senior IT Infrastructure Engineer

— Photo from Ian’s climb up The North Twin of The Twin Sisters Range

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We Are Hiring

Great PNW Base for Exploring

“Integra offers the opportunity to work with talented people, building and supporting useful software products, while Anacortes provides a great home base for kayaking the San Juan islands and the exploring the beautiful North Cascade region of the Pacific Northwest.”

Andrew Freeman, Senior Software Engineer

— Photo from one of Andrew’s early morning adventures to Cap Sante

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5 Reasons to Join Us
We believe in work-life balance, and it’s not just a tagline. Spend 15 minutes talking to us and you’ll see why.

People say “Give Me A Reason.” Here are a few.

We know it takes a lot to convince someone about their career path. Check out a few of our reasons and then see if we are a fit.

  • Work-Life balance that is real.
  • Fantastic benefits and bonus programs.
  • Stability with a leader in pharmacy healthcare.
  • Real career advancement and opportunities.
  • A lifestyle you will love.

Innovation Defines Us

For over 20 years we have been an industry innovator in Long-Term Care Pharmacy. To continue, we need people like you to challenge us. Without new ideas and expertise, we can’t keep pushing.


It’s a Two-Way Street

We know we have to work hard to keep you motivated and satisfied in your career. We pride ourselves on our open communication and company-wide desire to listen to you


Collaborate with Us

You’re not alone here. We work with you. Help us identify how you work best and we will help bring out the best in you.  We will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.


Let’s Get Started

We’ve made our pitch. Now it’s up to you. Take a look at what we have to offer, bring your best to the conversation, and see if we are right for you.

We Are Hiring

Satisfying Work, Great Lifestyle

“I’ve been with Integra for over 10 years. It’s such an amazing group of talented, smart people and I feel fortunate to have a seat on the bus. Our president is innovative and entrepreneurial, so we are challenged to always move the ball forward. I love my five minute drive to work, the gym close enough to hit up on lunch breaks, and home with my husband and dog just a few minutes after work. That kind of balance is hard to find, and you get it with Integra.”

Kirsten Henry – Marketing Director

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We Are Hiring

Fantastic Life Balance

“The life balance I am able to achieve working for Integra was an unexpected perk for an already amazing opportunity. Living in the small town atmosphere of Anacortes with a ten-minute commute, working with talented and passionate people, combined with all the beauty the northwest has to offer.”

Ryan Draper – Software Developer

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Our Benefits and You
Our industry leading benefits package is something right out of an old-school plan people reminisce about.

Real Benefits. Real Flexibility.

We know business as usual isn’t going to be enough. Our comprehensive benefits package provides you peace of mind about your health and your future.

  • Incredible medical package.
  • Wellness activity reimbursements.
  • Take your birthday off (and get paid).
  • Real vacations – like we don’t bug you vacations.
  • Our 401k plan is seriously competitive.
  • Schedule flexibility for life’s schedule.
  • Yearly and holiday company bonus opportunity.
  • A caring company with charitable donation match.
  • Sick pay that supports life’s ups & downs.
  • Company stock purchase plan you don’t want to miss.

Envision Retirement

Our 401k plan and match is really incredible. With multiple choices and options, and a generous company match, you’ll be amazed how fast it adds up here.


Full Health Coverage

No worries. Insurance is a deal-breaker sometimes; we understand that. Well, our plans are the industry’s best, so we’re not worried. Great benefits for great employees.


Bonuses You’ll Love

We offer holiday, yearly, and 401k bonus payouts. We believe you deserve to be rewarded when your ideas contribute to Integra’s success. Work hard, contribute, you will be rewarded.


Great Stock Options

We have one of the most generous stock purchase plans in the industry. Get on board. Working at Integra will help you prepare your financial future.

We Are Hiring

Benefits That Take Care of You

“I’ve worked for many companies and none of them have ever offered me the flexibility, complete coverage, and respect for my contributions that Integra does. They honestly do believe in rewarding you for your efforts in fundamental ways. From their health coverage, their generous PTO and sick plans, their 401k plan, yearly bonus programs, and charitable match foundation, Integra says thank you in so many ways.”

Jason Hetrick, Digital Analyst

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We Are Hiring

Personal Fulfillment

“As an Account Manager I get to work directly with customers all the time. It’s so rewarding to take people through the implementation process, watching them hesitantly get started, and eventually become super comfortable with the product and eager to learn more. I love that interaction and get a lot of satisfaction after each successful product go-live.”

Keri Nelson, Account Manager

— Keri (on right) with her customers at the Annual Integra Conference

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How We Hire
We Are Hiring
Sometimes it takes one step to join the team. Sometimes it takes more. Either way it never hurts to listen and tell your story.

I submitted my resume.  What’s next?

We try to keep our hiring process personal, clear, and straightforward.  Here’s what you can expect from our interview process.

  • Submit your resume right on our site.
  • Use your cover letter to tell us about you.
  • We review every resume that comes in.
  • You will always get a response from us.
  • Our recruiter is friendly and knowledgeable.
  • We appreciate your time and effort.

Why Anacortes?

Before you begin the process, you may want to ask, “Is Anacortes right for me?”  We think it’s a pretty amazing place, but see for yourself before you decide.


Is Integra for You?

Learn what Mindful Design, Thoughtful Service means to all of us at Integra and decide if it aligns with your values.  We hope we are a fit for you.


Check Our Benefits

Before you decide to start the process, please check our benefits. It’s an excellent package. Make sure what we have to offer is what works best for you.


Ready to Start?

Ready to see if we can meet your career needs and if you have what it takes to be a part of the Integra team? Come take a look at the exciting careers we have for you.


Communication from Us

We always respond. You will get an email stating we received your application. Our recruiter will review your resume and if we see a fit, she will reach out to you by phone to schedule a brief screening interview. Our recruiter will ask for 20 or so minutes of your time and chat about your resume, experience, and goals.

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A Technical Phone Call

If we feel we may be the right fit for you, you’ll be asked to do a more in-depth telephone interview. You’ll meet with team members and answer a few technical and fit questions. If that goes well, then on to next steps.  If it doesn’t work out we will contact you personally. It’s the right thing to do.

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We Are Hiring

Let’s Meet In-Person

Hopefully, you have wowed the team. Congratulations! At this point it’s time to meet face-to-face. For local candidates we will invite you onsite. For distance candidates, you may complete a Skype interview before coming onsite. Either way, our recruiter will work with you on scheduling and next steps.

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We Are Hiring

On-Site at Integra

With the in-house interview, you’ll get a chance to meet your recruiter. You’ll get to meet our team, see our culture, and ask all the questions you want. We respect the time it takes for you to apply and interview. You’ll either be extended an offer or you’ll be given the reasons why an offer wasn’t given.

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Life In Spartanburg
We Are Hiring
Join the Integra LTC solutions team and help us fully integrate long-term care pharmacy software. Our east coast office in Spartanburg, SC may be the place for you.

Let’s start with 5 reasons to call Spartanburg home, then work our way up.

Our office on the east coast is one of the finest places to call home in the country. Affordable, exciting,

  • Live the life you want. So many choices to live, love, play, and enjoy.
  • A vibrant, exciting, and engaging downtown with a cultural vibe unlike any other.
  • The best schools in the entire Southeast. Education from cradle to career.
  • Never have to wonder what to do on the weekends. Or the weekdays.
  • Looking to relax? Warm weather, low cost of living, and amenities to chill abound.

The Art in Spartanburg

Spartanburg’s thriving art communities are centric to our way of life. With over 156 studios, 78 public works of art, and 1,872 events and festivals every year, you’ll be able to indulge and experience an incredible variety of cultural experiences.


Love of the Craft

Spartanburg is a foodies dream come true. From iconic burger joints, the world famous BBQ trail, classic southern cuisine, poke, authentic vintage beer gardens, and so much more. And don’t get us started on the music scene that goes with this food lovers paradise. It might be even better.


Get Out And Play

With over 200 miles of walking and biking trails, Spartanburg is a city on the move. With its focus on active living, Spartanburg is a bicycle-friendly community. With a 32-mile inner city bicycle trail under construction and 50 miles of bicycle trails at Croft State Park, you’ll find your path. Oh, and we have the first a bike sharing system in the Southeast.


Community Education

We are one of the only cities in the Southeast to follow a collective impact model for educational acheivement. We are home to SAT and AP scores that are significantly higher than national averages and our award winning public and private school systems are unmatched.

We Are Hiring

Affordable. Friendly. Sunny.

Get a whole lot of home for not a lot of dough. Southern charm and friendliness in the big city. 255 sunny days per year with an average temperature of 74F/23C.

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Come See What it Could Be Like

Explore life in Spartanburg. See all your options. Then check out your career options. We hope you find something.

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