Life in Anacortes

Imagine a weekend getaway, as life lived year-round. Anacortes is a thriving seaside town offering a past-time for all.

Where is Anacortes
Picture of Anacortes bay from neighborhood yard.
Anacortes provides amazing views and outdoor opportunities at every turn. Working right downtown gives you a front row seat to great restaurants, art galleries, and festivals.

An Island Getaway with a Great Vibe

Anacortes makes it easy to balance work and lifestyle. Located just a few minutes from the marina, parks, trail systems, and nestled right downtown, Integra offers quick access to the activities you love most.

  • Whale watching is not a tourist activity for us.
  • 70 minutes to Seattle, 90 to Vancouver BC.
  • Festival life is a year round thing.
  • Anything outdoors, we get to do it.
  • The highest rated schools outside of Seattle.

Anacortes Inspires Us

Being in one of the most beautiful cities on the West Coast allows employees to enjoy an exceptional life-work balance. Loving where they live helps our team feel great about their careers.


Incredible Schools

The only school district outside of Seattle in the top 15 in the state. Coupled with amazing programs such as Anacortes FIRST Robotics and an active athletic program, Anacortes is great for our families.


No More Commute

Living on Fidalgo island means no more commute and more time doing what, and being with who, you love. Add hours back into your day working with the Integra team. Imagine what you could do with a few extra hours.


Choose An Adventure

Anacortes is a great little city to live and play. We invite you to check out our hiring page to see if a career at Integra could be the next big adventure in your life.

Life In Anacortes

Family Time is Accessible Here

Small towns have a lot of perks, especially Anacortes. Spend less time commuting and more time hiking, kayaking, or just spending time with your friends and family.

Anacortes Outdoors
Outdoor life in Anacortes is unrivaled. It’s one of the many perks of living here that inspires us at Integra LTC solutions.

The Gateway to the Pacific Northwest

Walk right out of the Integra LTC Solutions office and choose your own adventure. It motivates us.

  • A new outdoor itinerary every day.
  • Deception Pass. You’ll know when you see it.
  • Start with a run. Or a walk. Or a hike. Or a kayak.
  • Year-round fishing. Or a canoe. Or a bike.
  • Vacation vistas, but every day. All the time.
  • If it happens outdoors, you can make it happen here.

Extra Days of Sunshine

Situated in the Olympic Rain Shadow, Anacortes gets 38{c7f701611f3720f5570d79d554866159dcfdb3989faf70e390d46729ae9002ab} more sunny days than Seattle and Bellingham, giving you more day to enjoy the great outdoors.


5 Mountains, 2 hours

We are within 2 hours driving of 5 of the most incredible mountains in the world for skiing. You’ll always find a new way to enjoy your free time from work, and maybe leave early.


It Starts With a Boat

The San Juan Island Archipelago consists of 172 islands. Famous for their resident Orca pods, the otters, Steller sea lions, Minke whales, and Dall’s porpoise are pretty cute too.


Ready for a New Path?

We would love for you to be a part of our growing community; personal and professional. Take a look for yourself at what Integra and Anacortes have to offer.

Life In Anacortes

Can’t Beat The Location

“Anacortes is the best location. My family and I do a lot of boating in the area and with such close proximity to the water I can get out of work on Friday and on the water that night. You can’t beat Pacific Northwest summers.”

Shana Mitcham, Accounting and Special Projects

— Out for a cruise on Child’s Play on Fidalgo Bay

Life In Anacortes

Incredible Places Await

Go for a hike, or take the paved road up to the top of Mt Erie and enjoy the sights from your choice of three lookout points. Mt Erie is the highest point on Fidalgo Island, and the park encompasses 160 acres. It has been a finalist for Best Place to Watch a Sunset for 2013, 2012 and 2010.

Anacortes After Work
Downtown Anacortes at night.
Our nightlife is as vibrant as anywhere. And when you just need a night in the big city, we are right in-between Vancouver BC, Bellingham, and Seattle.

It’s not all hiking. Nightlife here has its perks.

We have a great balance here Anacortes. With a vibrant tourist industry, nightlife is never boring. If you’re looking for a little more fun, it’s just around the corner.

  • Exceptional restaurants just a few feet away.
  • Spa life is actually pretty nice year-round.
  • A variety of breweries and distilleries.
  • A hot-spot for live local and national music.
  • One of the last drive-in theaters, just in Oak Harbor.
  • A quick ferry to Friday Harbor & Victoria BC.

Foodie Heaven

Though small, Anacortes’ food scene packs a punch. Independent restaurants offer unique dining experiences and seasonal menus keep you interested. It’s easy to get excited about after hours when you can dine like this.

A Festival Life

We have one of the most vibrant festival scenes in Washington. It’s actually all-year-round, but summer takes everything outside. Anacortes closes down the streets, and has some fun.

Art & Music Scene

Anacortes is home to one of the most vibrant art and music scenes around. Local pubs and venues draw live music and summer art walks are a blast. If you want more, Seattle and Vancouver BC are just a quick drive.

Ready to Apply?

You’ve seen and read about what we have to offer. We’d love you to consider joining the team. We hire people just like you. Take a look at what’s open.

Life In Anacortes

Fantastic Food & Drink

The vibrant commercial district in Anacortes offers a wide array of bar and dining experiences. From casual fish and chips to candlelight dinner, Anacortes restaurants offer mouth-watering menus including traditional Northwest favorites like salmon, halibut and Dungeness crab.

Great bars, music, and art offer great nightlife, while beer, wine, and waterfront festivals are plentiful all summer for some fun on the weekend!

Life In Anacortes

So Much Going On

There’s so much going on in Anacortes throughout the entire year. From city-wide events, summer music series on the waterfront, fantastic pubs, amazing rooftop bars, maritime and yacht festivals, beer and wine festivals, you won’t find yourself in want of things to do.