The Advantage of Clinical Services

Patients at the Center of Care

Long-term care, institutional, and combo-shop pharmacies across the U.S. are looking for new opportunities to expand revenue for their business and provide better care for their patients. With reimbursement rates decreasing, increasing competition, and other industry pressures, it is difficult to grow revenue by purely dispensing prescriptions.

In times like this, it is important to keep your patients at the center of care – solutions to consider may be offering clinical services and immunization programs.

Take a look at how your pharmacy can improve the health of your patients and expand revenue.

Are You Ready for the COVID-19 Vaccine?

With immunization season here, a record number of patients will be seeking immunizations for COVID-19. Now is a great time to consider ways for your pharmacy to improve the health of your patients and optimize your immunization process.

The OmniSYS RedSail Advantage program offers solutions to meet COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

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Improve Patient Care

With the pharmacist’s role evolving and provider status continually expanding, patients are looking at the clinical pharmacist as an integral part of their healthcare team.

Long-term care facilities, assisted living communities, and adult family group homes have a unique set of needs and can be considered high risk for medication complications.

Improve Patient Care

Capture More Revenue

A clinical pharmacist who provides services to an assisted living or group home setting can improve patients’ quality of life and also help to maintain the health of the community as a whole. Get to know assisted living staff and residents, in order to understand their clinical care needs.

Whether your patients pay through insurance or out of pocket, clinical services will help you capture more revenue. Bill for items covered under the medical benefit and optimize reimbursement for the immunizations and clinical services you provide to patients.

Helping You Get Started

RedSail Advantage™: OmniSYS® – Clinical Solutions

The RedSail Advantage program was created exclusively for PrimeCare® customers and features special offerings that provide immediate value and are easy to implement. Our partnership with OmniSYS reflects one of our first initiatives that will help our customers offer more services and generate more revenue, today. With OmniSYS, pharmacists can start and/or expand the clinical services they offer to patients.

PrimeCare Customers Get Started Now



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Getting Started is Easy

Currently Offering Clinical Services?
Average setup time: 2 weeks

Steps if new to clinical services

New to Clinical Services?
Average setup time: 8-10 weeks

Steps if new to clinical services

Explore Clinical Service Opportunities

There are several different clinical programs and services you can provide to expand revenue, improve outcomes, and differentiate your business.

Clinical services your pharmacy can offer include:

  • Comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs)
  • Diabetes self-management training (DSMT)
  • Medication adherence and synchronization
  • Oral anti-cancer, immunosuppressive, and respiratory drugs
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Smoking cessation

Clinical Service Resources