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Technology is everywhere, it impacts everything, and it’s only getting more advanced. In the long-term care setting, modern technology helps provide residents with safe, quality care. With an aging U.S. population and LTC landscape changes, LTC pharmacies must embrace new tech or risk a failure to scale or expand services. Axys is long-term care’s first cloud-based pharmacy management software – and that’s a difference that matters. Axys can strengthen your business now and prepare your pharmacy for the future.

It’s Time for Modern LTC Pharmacy Software

Having the latest technology is an undeniable advantage as the healthcare industry changes. Axys LTC pharmacy management system delivers distinct benefits like low-cost scaling and comprehensive security and makes training, upgrades, and support substantially easier. Axys offers advanced reporting potential across single or multiple pharmacy sites. Axys integrates with Integra’s best-in-class DocuTrack pharmacy workflow software and DeliveryTrack pharmacy delivery software – making it the ultimate pharmacy platform.

Want to Know More?

Tune in below for a candid conversation with RedSail Technologies® own Jon Bell, Director of Product Management, and Tyler Daniel, Regional Sales Manager, as they talk about the future of pharmacy management and the distinct benefits of Axys.

Reach out today to learn more about Axys. Built with the most modern technology, Axys can help you Care Differently®.

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Written by: Integra X Files

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