Original article by Margery Morstein, QS/1 Creative Design Specialist

Excellence is a strong word. So, if you use it, you better be able to back it up. Kevin Welch, president of Integra LTC solutions, and Saul Factor, president of QS/1, are more than comfortable using this adjective when it comes to the customer-driven strategic realignment of PrimeCare.

Welch and Factor have a vision. By shifting operations, LTC customers having a single go-to operation that doesn’t compete with community pharmacy demands. Integra will assume leadership of QS/1’s LTC products and services.

The realignment between QS/1 and Integra centers on Integra assuming leadership of QS/1’s LTC products and services, while QS/1 continues to heighten its focus on community pharmacy. The business units remain under the J M Smith Corporation, so it all stays in the family.

So why make this move, if the corporate umbrella remains the same? Factor summed it up during an internal town hall meeting, “This past July, when I assumed leadership at QS/1, I went on an exploratory road trip, talking to customers across the country in reference to all aspects of QS/1’s service and product sectors. One issue kept creeping up, specifically with LTC customers. They want QS/1 to be more attentive to LTC.”

“Under the expanded Integra brand, LTC customers will increasingly experience a new level of support and customer service,” said Welch. “Our goal is to create a Center of LTC Excellence. And, as we progress, customers will come to expect faster issue resolutions and clearer communications.”

Customers will experience multi-platform support and networking and educational opportunities:

  • Webinars: Continuing education for best usage of products, system updates and enhancements, incorporating step-by-step demos with workflow advantages.
  • Integra Library: Intuitive PDFs that can be referenced when specific issues arise and for new-employee training.
  • Annual Conference: Many best practices come from your peers. Networking takes you out of your bubble and introduces new ideas into your operation.
  • Phone Support: Sometimes you just need to hear the voice of someone who understands your problem and can resolve it.
  • Customized Support Plans: You know what works best for your business; you know how best to train your people; you know what you want in support. Tell us and we will design a support plan that works the way you do.

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