Integra Building Update

Despite a change in the weather, progress continues nicely on our building addition. The middle structure’s walls are up and the roof of the northern building is complete. In a review of the design plans, one skylight was added to the middle building and three to the northern building to allow natural light into some of the larger workspaces.

But what we’re most excited about is that the basic structure of the skybridge is taking shape. Even though it’s one of the key features of our new buildings, the skybridge will be one of the last pieces completed given the amount of glass involved in its construction.

We’re now in the process of choosing paint, carpet, flooring, and other structural decorations with input from many staff members. How does this process work? Well, it mostly involves us grabbing people as they walk through the halls and asking for their opinions!

Also, we’re looking into the possibility of adding several charging stations for electric vehicles in the new parking lot. We’re shopping around for options and figuring out the logistics with our local power and electricity provider.