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Our thoughts are with all of our customers and all residents of the Texas coastal areas. In an effort to help you prepare your businesses, here are some recommendations.

  • Back-up’s are the most important step. Ensure they are viable for restore.
    1. Ensure that the back-up media is not in the same location as the server and is in a location that will be dry.
  • If you are leaving the pharmacy and will not be using Integra’s products, please complete the following steps.
    1. Take a picture of the backside of the server before unplugging any cables.
    2. Safely power down your server.
    3. Pull the power cable from the back of your server.
    4. Pull the Ethernet cable from the back of your server.
    5. Move your server to a safe location that will not get wet.

If you have any further questions regarding preparation, please contact Integra Support at (866) 720-6846 or by email at