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Once a year, our sales team comes to Anacortes for a week of meetings, training, and networking. Since they live in different states so they can be close to the pharmacies in their territories, we work hard to ensure our sales staff feels connected to their co-workers at corporate headquarters.

“These meetings are incredibly beneficial in helping educate our sales reps on the latest product features and company information,” says Jim McDonald, Integra’s National Sales Director. “It also serves as a time for us to reconnect with the staff in admin, support, client services, finance, and marketing who we work with on a daily basis.”

During these meetings, product directors and managers give presentations on their products and departments, providing a look ahead at where product development is going. They discussed the challenges faced by pharmacies in today’s market and shared the unique ways in which pharmacies are using Integra products to meet those challenges. With a shared goal of providing the best possible service to current and potential customers, on-site staff and the sales team view this past week’s meetings as a success.

“What I took away most from this week was not only product knowledge but the relationships with co-workers that I was able to enhance,” said Tony Chambrovich, Sales Manager for the Northeast.