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Now is the time to start the conversation. DeliveryTrack is the leading delivery management solution in the LTC market. And the best part is it’s customized to your pharmacy and your processes. DeliveryTrack can help you save money, bring more accountability to your delivery processes, and provide better service to your customers. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what a few of the 150 pharmacies who use DeliveryTrack have to say:

“We use the proof of delivery the most…it saves us a lot of time and aggravation in terms of looking for signed delivery sheets.” ~Boris Natenzon, Owner – Vitacare Pharmacy

“What really paid for DeliveryTrack was when we had an audit. We used to spend 60 hours of prep time; our prep time is now minutes. All the delivery signatures end up in DocuTrack where we can use audit assist to pull the prescriptions and delivery signatures with a single search.”  ~Jamie Williams, IT Manager & Mike Sauer, Technology Manager – Williams Apothecary

“Now we can track our drivers. We know where they are. We know how long it takes them to get from one facility to the next. And we can modify our routes based on that. So it’s really invaluable to us on our workflow and the processes from beginning to end.”  ~Amy Cruse, Operations Manager – AmPharm, Inc.

“We have instant knowledge of the delivery and instant access to the original documents. And that’s very important. It makes your customer service much stronger and makes you look much more professional in the eyes of your customer.”  ~Michael Kaplan, President – Medic Pharmacy

Let us show you how DeliveryTrack can meet your specific needs and work for your pharmacy, by scheduling a demo. And, if you schedule a demo in June, we’ll include a free Android smartphone with your purchase of DeliveryTrack. Call (866) 257-4279 or email To learn more, visit