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Be the Voice of Pharmacy (And Win Stuff)

We can’t all be experts in everything, but together we can be experts in one thing – the long-term care pharmacy market. So we’ve created a new online and email-based community to enhance communication with the most important part of our business – you.

In the initial stage, the Society will be a portal for our newsletters, blogs, product updates, and support notices. In the coming months, it will offer:

  • forums for discussion between customers
  • a method for you to submit your product ideas and requests
  • sign up for focus groups
  • participation in “Ask Me Anything” sessions with product managers and support staff
  • a single hub for all things long-term care

Sign up now to join the movement and we’ll send you a SWAG kit which includes a t-shirt, lapel pin, and the chance to win a pizza party for your pharmacy. Learn more at

The Integra Society is for everyone: pharmacists, owners, data entry techs, IT professionals, delivery drivers, billing staff, etc. Let’s work together to make the pharmacy market better!